Kristie Dorado


Kristie, a 34-year-old Wyoming County native, is a full-time student at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. She’s also a full-time single parent of two girls, ages 13 and 16. She started working toward a psychology degree at an online college several years ago, but an automobile accident set her back.

“Since then I have had a bundle of obstacles, but I finally got back on track and enrolled at Southern,” Kristie said. “Although I cannot technically graduate with a psychology bachelor’s degree, I still chose to start at Southern. If all goes as planned I will graduate with an Associate in Arts degree, in the spring. It is a stepping stone to what I want to do as a career. Growing up, I had a lot of battles. I feel that if I can help one person with the story of my struggles then I will have fulfilled my dream. I hope to work with underage females as a counselor, with the possibility of pursuing my master’s degree.”

“I have been very happy at Southern and would continue all my education with them if it was an option, she continued. “Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and available on your schedule. I am really glad that I chose to go to Southern.”