Workforce Grant Programs

Learning, Earning, Advancing: Fueling Careers and Industries Alike

Unlock the potential of tomorrow’s workforce with the West Virginia Community and Technical College System’s innovative grant programs, designed to bridge the gap between education and industry. Our initiatives, including Learn and Earn, Apprenticeships in Motion (AIM), the Rapid Response Advance Grant, and the Technical Program Development Grant, are tailored to help our colleges respond to the ever-changing training needs of our business and industry partners. Learn and Earn and AIM offer students valuable paid internships and apprenticeships, aligning academic pursuits with practical experience. The WV Rapid Response Advance Grant and Technical Program Development Grant empower our colleges to swiftly respond to industry needs by developing and expanding training programs in high-demand fields. Together, these programs not only support businesses and industries but also pave the way for our students to thrive in today’s dynamic job market.

I’d encourage all West Virginia businesses to take a look at these fantastic grant opportunities, which were created to help train and up-skill employees at a very low cost to the companies that participate. If you own a business in the state, it really pays to check them out!

Dr. Sarah Armstrong Tucker, Chancellor WVCTCS & WVHEPC

Available Grants

Learn & Earn

Learn & Earn is a state-funded grant program designed to support paid internship opportunities for students attending a West Virginia Community and Technical College.

Apprenticeships in Motion

AIM allows WV CTCs to partner with local businesses to provide a “learn as you earn” experience for students and current employees.

Additional Grants

Rapid Response Advance Grant

This grant allows businesses to partner with their local CTC on projects to address the state’s workforce needs.