Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

  • Board of Governors Associate of Applied Science Degree Complete Handbook
    This is the institutional coordinator’s handbook for the Board of Governors Associate of Applied Science degree program. A nontraditional degree completion opportunity at the associate level specifically designed for adult learners.
  • Advanced Placement Guide
    Guide to assist institutional admissions/registrars on the awarding of Advanced Placement credit for high school students.
  • Core Coursework Transfer Agreement
    This guide indicates the processes to ensure students can transfer a variety of course work that will count toward fulfillment of general education and program requirements.

Student Complaints

The West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education and West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission are responsible for monitoring all written and signed student complaints against all public and private degree granting institutions authorized to operate in West Virginia.  Click the link below to learn more about the student complaint submission and review process or to file a formal complaint.

Proprietary Institutions

For-profit education (also known as proprietary education) refers to schools operated as private, profit-seeking businesses. Proprietary schools that want to operate in West Virginia have to apply to the Council for Community and Technical College Education for a permit to operate in the state. To qualify for the permit, schools have to meet certain operating criteria, submit annual reports to the Council, and annually prove they are accredited institutions.

To offer an associate degree in the state of West Virginia, these private schools must be approved by the Council.

Are you looking for student transcripts from a closed school?

Former ITT students:

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Former West Virginia Business College students and other proprietary school transcript inquiries:

Contact Carrie Watters for assistance at or by phone at 681-313-2290, ext 26369.

Are you interested in starting a proprietary school?

Download these documents to learn more about the requirements and process for opening a for-profit institution in West Virginia.

For more information on proprietary schools, contact:

Carrie Ponder

(681) 313-2290
Ext 26369