About Us

Welcome to the West Virginia Community & Technical College System

The West Virginia Community and Technical College System (CTCS) stands at the forefront of educational innovation and workforce development. As the statewide coordinator of community and technical college education, CTCS is committed to fostering a unified and collaborative approach to building the skilled and educated workforce our state needs. We are dedicated to partnering strategically with businesses to address evolving workforce needs, ensuring our students receive an education that is not only meaningful but also directly aligned with real-world career opportunities.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that quality education should be accessible and affordable. Our community and technical colleges offer West Virginians a cost-effective pathway to higher education, blending rigorous academic programs with practical, on-the-job training across diverse fields. Whether our students aim to transition smoothly into a four-year degree program or aspire to enter the workforce as quickly as possible, we provide the tools and support necessary to achieve their goals.

A distinctive feature of our system is the strong partnership with local and national employers. These collaborations ensure that the education we provide is closely attuned to the latest industry trends and demands. Our close relationships with business and industry not only enhance the relevance of our curriculum but also assure students of tangible and rewarding career opportunities upon graduation.


CTCS has served more than 150,000 students since 2008


797,496 Training Hours Delivered

has Created

214 Technical Training Opportunities for Students in the Past 10 Years

Shaping Futures with Practical Education in West Virginia

At the West Virginia Community and Technical College System (CTCS), we are dedicated to providing education that resonates beyond the classroom and into the heartbeat of our state’s economy. Our focus is on delivering practical, experiential learning tailored to the dynamic demands of today’s job market. Our students don’t just graduate with degrees; they emerge as industry-ready professionals equipped with the knowledge and hands-on experience crucial for impactful careers. By aligning our curriculum with the real-world needs of West Virginia’s diverse industries, we ensure our graduates are not just ready for the job market, but are also prepared to thrive, contribute, and innovate. This commitment to practical education allows our students to build their lives and careers right here in West Virginia, driving growth and prosperity within our communities. At CTCS, we’re not just educating; we’re cultivating the next generation of professionals who will sustain and elevate the state’s economy.